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605, 2015

How Managing Stress Will Make You More Resilient at Work

By |May 6, 2015|

We’ve focused over the last few weeks on how to become more resilient in the workplace. This included discussing: How to develop a peak performance mind How to use teamwork in the workplace to build resiliency In our final piece on resiliency building, we’d like to focus on stress management skills and training. The key to remember is that in our professional lives, stress is impossible to avoid. In fact, [...]

3103, 2015

How teamwork helps you build resilience in your professional life

By |March 31, 2015|

No man is an island, entire of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main … - John Donne When you talk about resiliency in the workplace, many people initially believe what we’re referring to is overcoming huge challenges on your own. But that’s not entirely accurate. The truth is that everyone faces plenty of challenges on a daily basis, many of which require [...]

2402, 2015

Developing a Peak Performance Mind Will Make Your Team Resilient

By |February 24, 2015|

Every organization on the planet expects to face some level of stress – it’s the very nature of business. In order to push past the status quo and grow your company, you’ll ask yourself (and your employees) to step out of certain comfort zones in order to push to the next level. Stepping out of this comfort zone, and challenging yourself (and your employees) can be extremely stressful. That term [...]

1901, 2015

Stress Is Unavoidable. Rise Above It By Being Resilient

By |January 19, 2015|

Any group or organization that strives to succeed with its goals will inevitably invite stress into the workplace. With your success comes: deadlines, expectations, setbacks, and the frustration of lack of time or resources while you and your staff work together to meet your objectives.   To avoid stress in the workplace is akin to accepting the status quo, which is rarely an effective recipe for long-term growth. So rather [...]

1810, 2014

What To Do When Two Of Your Employees Can’t Get Along

By |October 18, 2014|

Although every manager dreams about the perfect and harmonious work environment, that dream is more often that not far from reality. And while not every manager deals with a "worse-case scenario," there are times when they have to deal with employees who can't get along, or who genuinely hate each other. Ignoring this problem might seem attractive at first. But the animosity felt among these two employees is more than [...]

2509, 2014

Manage Your Classroom Like A Pro – Teachers and Persuasive Communication

By |September 25, 2014|

Management skills are often thought of as needed only for boardrooms and sports teams. But there's one entire group of professionals out there who don't spend their time with business executives or athletes, yet are forced to try and manage the world's most challenging, unpredictable population. The professionals are teachers, and their hard-to-manage audience is made up of children. If anybody needs to feel confident on his or her management [...]

1109, 2014

Avoid Losing Your Cool With Improved Communication Skills

By |September 11, 2014|

Imagine being able to have the confidence and wherewithal to keep your cool and maintain control even in the most heated of circumstances. Whether it's a parent who's stressed from a child, or a co-worker who is fed up with a colleague or boss, we all have been there before. We feel our heart racing. We might even get lightheaded. The analogy of a boiling pot, or a thermometer rising, [...]

2808, 2014

Become An Effective Manager With These Tools of Persuasion

By |August 28, 2014|

Being an effective manager is far more than telling people what to do. In fact, ordering people around has little to do with managing, and more to do with bossing. While many people use these terms interchangeably, they're not one in the same. To manage someone is to be able to harness their assets, compensate for their shortcomings, and inspire them to do their best - and beyond. Are you [...]

1408, 2014

Effective Persuasive Communication for Sales People

By |August 14, 2014|

A gifted salesperson could persuade you to buy a fork when all you needed was a spoon. But they don't get their way by black magic. The way a salesperson communicates - and listens - to her audience helps her to take control of the situation, and dictate the outcome, without  you ever being the wiser. Of course, the misconception is that a talented salesperson is, in fact a gift. It's [...]

3107, 2014

Why Therapeutic Communication is Key in Healthcare

By |July 31, 2014|

A significant part of the healthcare provider process is the concept of "therapeutic communication." That term is often used in conjunction with nurses; however, it's a process that shouldn't be limited just to nursing. Therapeutic communication can be implemented by other healthcare professionals, friends, and family members of a patient. Therapeutic communication should provide the patient with the confidence to play an active role in her healthcare. How therapeutic communication [...]

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