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Health and Safety in the Workplace

We offer a communication-based Workplace Safety seminar program to improve
your efficiency, Health and Safety, & productivity!

Are you facing struggles in developing or enforcing your workplace safety program? ACT Now programs help client organizations improve their efficiency, Workplace Safety and productivity through the reality-based perspective of collaborative coaching. Our goal is simple: Assist client organizations develop Health and Safety skills and strengths that will enable them to go from where they are to where they need to be.
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People are the problem … and the solution

One undeniable reality is that most workplaces would:


Be far more efficient

Have better Health and Safety

And be more productive

The challenge

While improving a dynamic organization’s efficiency, safety and productivity, isn’t rocket science – in many ways it is just as challenging. Effective Health and Safety training programs requires a combination of applied socio-dynamic group principles with the willingness by individuals in the organization to do a bit extra in the short term, to gain considerably greater rewards in the long term.

The Reality

In many work environments there is still a tendency to think that Health and Safety, while important, slows us down and ultimately cost us money.

Yet study, after study, shows that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The fact is that improving Workplace Safety is an all-around win, three times over. It improves morale, leads to considerable cost savings, and actually significantly improves productivity.

The psychological impact

  1. Employees who feel better about their work environment and feel their workplace cares about their Health and Safety welfare, work harder, more consistently, have fewer sick days, and waste less time when they are working.
  2. A workplace that regularly self-assesses for Workplace Safety risks will lead to fewer injuries and produce a more streamlined and efficient environment.
  3. Organizations that have integrated top-to-bottom Workplace Safety procedures as an operating mind-set function more smoothly and are better organized then those that have not. There is less Health and Safety operating “friction” so that they don’t find themselves wasting valuable resources “responding” to unnecessary emergencies, backtracking, and continually re-inventing the wheel. Nor is there the tendency to finger-point, scapegoat, and seek out people to “blame” for what may have happened.
  4. More importantly, going through the actual process of bringing everyone “on board”, addressing Health and Wellness issues, expecting precision and excellence, providing feedback and mentoring, improving functional communication is what brings a group of individuals together as a functioning team


The AACT-NOW program for improving Efficiency, Workplace Safety & Productivity, is optimally designed for delivery to a self-selected group of managers and lead employees over a three-hour interactive period, depending on the organizational needs.

It is then recommended that a second 90-minute Safety at Work “workshop” session be delivered to select groups of managers and key personal within three to six weeks of the original presentation. This allows core AACT principles and tasks introduced in the initial session to be more fully integrated into the organisational culture.

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