“Wow! What a presentation! Your team-building session afterwards was absolutely outstanding.”

Scott Boston
President, US Industrial Hygiene
“All comments have been overwhelmingly positive, citing examples of your use of humor, and the ‘real life’ situations.”
Jane Hinshaw
Chair, City of Los Angeles Advisory Committee
“Your participant evaluations for each of the 13 sessions you have presented for us over the last 12 months have been uniformly ‘excellent’, consistently averaging 9’s and 10’s in each category.”
Cher Gould
The Infopeople Project
“Fantastic day. Motivational and thought provoking! Gave us lots to work on and think about.”
C. J. Dixon
Physiotherapy New Zealand
“Your presentation was wonderful … I am especially grateful for the hit of our staff training this year.”
Barbara Adams,
Director of Health and Human Resources, Nippondenso Int., Inc.
““Your message came through loud and clear! The presentation was exciting, but also real and practical. Best of all, you gave us solutions that worked.””
Ed Taylor
President, IMG Inc.
“Edmond is not only a karate master, but a master of guiding businessmen and women to develop healthy communication styles and open trustworthy work environments.”
Kenneth G. Jordan
M.D., President, Jordan NeuroScience Inc.
“Excellent presentation! Captivating and easy to listen to!”
Sharon Hanne
Physiotherapy NZ
“Edmond was great! Easy to understand, exciting to listen to and a great sense of humour! He was excellent and presented material not just relevant to Safety but to management and leadership generally.”
The NZ Powerlines People
“Well spoken, direct and interesting. Very helpful and insightful. Related knowledge to our needs very well.”
Rachel Gunsan
Green Prescription, Sport Hawke’s Bay
“The entire room was swept up in your energy and ability to seemingly ‘touch’ each member of the audience. As you can see by the audience evaluations, everyone felt that this was an outstanding, exciting, and extremely insightful presentation!”
Lucia Ortega
AmeriCorp Int.
“The comments I received can easily be summed up with the word ‘outstanding’. You were engaging to say the least. Your dynamic way of sharing made the presentation a welcome dialogue between you and the audience.”
Shirley Ewells
Chair Person: City of Pasadena EAP Advisory Committee
“Edmond Otis is a vibrant speaker that immediately establishes a rapport with the audience. His ability to tailor his presentation to our needs and deliver the content but still keep it entertaining was a refreshing change from the usual circuit of boring speakers. He mixes real world experience with humor in such a way that our customary dry subject matter became interesting and had all of us participating, even that grump who always sits at the back of the room! The feedback from the group was outstanding and we look forward to having him return soon.”
Shannon Kane
Controller at Revchem Composites
“Edmond Otis is a training-coaching professional with engagingly effective presentation skills. He always keeps the focus where it should be—on the learners he serves. It was always a pleasure to have Edmond facilitate conflict resolution sessions when I was serving as training director for the San Francisco Public Library system, and I would jump at the chance to work with him again.”
Paul Signorelli
Social Media Strategist, and Consultant
“Edmond provided business coaching and motivational speaking to our Senior Team of 15 Managers in a series of 4 training sessions. Senior Team loved it! they were higly complimentary about Edmond’s style, knowledge, professionalism and integrity. The investment in Edmond’s training sessions have been excellent from the company’s perspective: Senior Team have already applied the knowledge that they gained.”
Sanja Majstorovic
“You were a huge hit with our staff! The Evaluation Forms were overwhelming marked – ‘excellent’. The BPL staff really enjoyed your presentation style, behavior modification techniques, and practical exercises… But to me the most important outcome of your workshop was the team-building that occurred during the workshop and after. Our job as managers will be to build on that momentum and keep the communication going. Thanks again for an excellent workshop!”
Patricia Harding
Executive Director, Burlingame Systems
“Excellent Presentation! Very specific to our needs. A lot of new material we can work with.”
Sue Smith
Team Leader, Green Prescription, Sport Hawke’s Bay