School Safety

Conflict - Bullying - Violence

School Safety!

This is where AACT-NOW started

Is preventing Bullying and School Violence becoming a bigger and bigger School Safety challenge?

Is the barrage of student defiance and non-compliance behavior whittling away the patience of the staff?

“Are aggressive, angry and argumentative visitors affecting the stress level of your teachers and office staff?”

Countless office staff at schools and district offices around the country lose productive hours quelling the all-too-familiar combative and intimidating visitor who demands immediate attention and often disrupts the culture of the office for the rest of the day.

Getting it right – providing leadership, enforcing policy, resolving problems, maintaining control and civility in situations where emotions run high and people have different agendas is a difficult task, at best.

Making things better – not worse, safer – not more volatile, requires specific identifiable skills. Not simple luck.

Without adequate bullying and  school safety training –  personnel miss numerous problem-resolving opportunities, and additionally, run the risk of creating problems that did not previously exist. Our belief is that an educated and well trained staff will respond appropriately to the realities of our modern, challenging school environments – and get it right.

School Safety

Do You Feel Confident?

Bullying, School Violence and a difficult public are common theme that headlines the “to-do” list of most principals, teachers, office staff and school boards in every region of the country. Urban, rural, public, and private schools alike more and more frequently are wasting valuable instructional hours dealing with School Safety issues and diffusing a quarrelsome and contrary community and student population.

AACT programs are FUN and EXCITING!

They RAISE MORALE and MOTIVATE personnel to be more PROACTIVE and EFFECTIVE!

In our work with schools we modify all materials to meet time constraints; satisfy the requirements of specific districts, departments and student groups; and address a wide variety of job classifications such as administrators, teachers, reception/clerical staff, campus-aids, and general support staff.

“AACT NOW or Awareness, Attitude, Communication, Training is a set of comprehensive, practical and easy-to-use skills for successfully negotiating School Safety, Bullying, awkwardly combative situations with disagreeable individuals.”

School Safety Training Programs

AACT-NOW – Conflict and Violence Prevention Training Programs for Public Schools offer on-site training in the verbal, emotional and physical inter-personal skills school administrators and personnel need. Our focus on interpersonal dynamics, and our what to do teaching emphasis is unique, and goes to the heart of protecting the educational environment.

The key to the AACT-NOW School Safety model is our emphasis on four focus areas for successfully dealing with potentially confrontational, conflictual and violent situations are:

Awareness – Identifying Dangerous Interpersonal Dynamics.

Attitude - Controlling for the “Predator or Prey Reality”

Communication - Avoiding the “Head in the Sand Syndrome”

Training - Learned Reactions for Personal Safety

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