Workplace Stress

Sound Familiar?

Workplace stress is not only a global epidemic, but it’s extremely costly as well. Yet it’s nearly impossible for any of us to avoid feeling some level of intense stress while at work. Workplace greatly affects our personal and professional lives. But what causes workplace stress? A number of factors are at play.

Dealing with unpleasant people

Working under difficult conditions

Having to endure unreasonable expectations

Financial problems

Relationship issues

All of these factors, and much more, contribute to the overall feeling of workplace stress. And while stress is a normal part of life, workplace stress can have a serious impact on our health, emotions, work performance, relationships, and quality of life.  Managing workplace stress can make us more productive, and happier in life.

Workplace stress can impact our job performance and health …

If you or your employees experience workplace stress, you’re not alone.  Here are some concerning facts:

43% of all adults experience adverse health effects from stress

75-90% of visits to a physician’s office are for stress-related conditions and complaints

OSHA has declared stress the #1 hazard of the workplace

Stress may be related to lost hours due to absenteeism, reduced productivity, and worker’s compensation benefits (at a cost of $300 billion annually for the American industry (2005).

Stress has been linked to the 6 leading causes of death: heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver, and suicide. (Source: “The Stress Solution “ by Lyle H. Miller, Ph.D., and Alma Dell Smith, Ph. D.).

While we all encounter some amount of stress in our lives, we never have to let it control us. Stress management skills can be learned and used by anyone. It doesn’t take magic. It takes practice and know-how.

The stress management approach designed by AACT-NOW works. This all-day seminar is designed for people who work in demanding jobs. We specifically address the stressors they most commonly face.

Knowledge is key

Why is our stress management seminar so successful? We help you understand how stress works, arises, and lingers, and how it physically and mentally affects us. We provide participants with proven tools for building the personal strengths and emotional reserves we all need to deal successfully with the most challenging demands of the work day and modern life. Special attention is always focused on providing participants numerous, actual and practical stress management techniques they can use immediately.

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