Communication Skills

Making Difficult Conversations Easier

What makes certain conversations difficult?

At work or at home, often it’s not what we say – but how we say it.

For some it might be that a specific topic is uncomfortable. For others, it may be that trying to do “Conflict Resolution” makes us feel awkward.

Often, we know that if the conversation is handled badly, it will result in serious repercussions – maybe making team building impossible. In some instances speaking up (or down) “the chain of command” is stressful.

“For many, it often comes down to personality and style – just simple Communication Skills”

For some it isn’t really conflict resolution as much as some people really are difficult to talk to in any situation.

And some of us simply have a hard time talking to certain people – period.

Of course, in the workplace, one of the most important factors is that after the conversation is over – we will need to continue seeing and working with this person in the future. So we want to get it right – because Team Building is important and ongoing. The main skill? Communication Skills that are effective and persuasive – when emotions are involved, results are important – and the outcome matters!

“This fun, interactive workshop will teach you to be more successful, with more people, more often!”

Workshop participants will:

learn how to “approach” a difficult conversation in a way that assures success.

learn to understand what makes some conversations harder than they should be.

learn the basics of good Communication Skills – that make ALL conversations easier.

learn how timing and focus can help us make difficult conversations – easier.

learn how to set goals and priorities so that difficult conversations have positive outcomes.

learn the incredible value of re-framing in difficult conversations.

learn 4 magic phrases that almost always make “Conflict Resolution” real and effective.

learn to recognize and deal effectively with “Difficult Personalities”

This unique one-day workshop uses lecture, discussion, demonstration, scripts, individual and group exercises to teach participants effective, practical and positive skills for making the most difficult conversations – easier and more productive.

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