Dealing with Difficult People

Our most requested workshop!

If you work with people, this workshop is for you!

When you work with AACT-Now, you work with professionals in the industry who actually sit down and learn about your staff, workplace environment, and specific circumstances. First we listen. Then we act. It’s important that we know the obstacles you face, and the goals you hope to achieve, so that our training and seminars address these factors head on.

These individuals, the difficult people, require special attention, skills, and strategies. This unique Conflict Resolution – People Skills workshop provides training to help you develop the organizational, verbal, emotional, and physical interpersonal skills we all need to turn conflict into cooperation. The skills you will learn from this workshop will help you  successfully deal with the most challenging types of individuals and situations.

“The goal of our “Dealing with Difficult People” workshop is to teach you how to “be your best” in the face of challenging situations.”

The focus of this workshop is on the dynamics of interpersonal interactions. It’s unique, hands on training emphasis goes to the heart of addressing a topic that concerns every employee or manager – in every workplace – everywhere! Learn how to manage tough situations and navigate challenging interactions.

Further, when requested, we provide expert training in realistic and practical physical self-defense skills.

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